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Nov 9, 2020

For my guest today, the key quality in a successful sales person is resilience. Bradley Paster, Vice President of North American Sales at Riskmethods, challenges the idea of a squeaky-clean resume and instead looks for adversity, proof that you’ve faced hardship and moved forward from it. Bradley shares his own experiences and the growth that followed, comparing it to a scar on a tree: the scar is always the same size, but the tree continues to grow, only to make the scar appear smaller. Along with adversity, Bradley talks with me about the importance of certain leadership qualities, methods to offer and receive feedback, and the value of surrounding yourself with good people. Through each topic we cover, Bradley is ready with a story to share or advice to give that would help make any workplace a more fulfilling one. Wanting to get in contact with Bradley Paster? Find him on LinkedIn, at, or email him at

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