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Oct 19, 2020

This episode, I invited Stephanie Cox, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Lumavate. With vast experience in leading, launching, and expanding companies, she actively alleviates the tension between marketing and sales teams, specifically with her modernized stance on leads. If it were her choice, marketing teams would disown the concept of leads altogether and instead prioritize people who are ready to buy. By monitoring the market, watching for company surges, and by researching and interacting with clients, marketing teams can effectively tunnel a narrowed list of engaged prospects to sales representatives. Stephanie encourages marketing teams to relentlessly seek opportunities, be part of the conversation, and know what channels make sense. Similarly, she challenges sales teams to involve marketing throughout the sales process, offer feedback, and take full advantage of what marketing has to offer.

Want to get in contact with Stephanie Cox? Find her on LinkedIn at or on Twitter @Stephaniecox04.

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