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Nov 1, 2021

Today I had the opportunity to talk to Marcus Knight, a seasoned Go-to-Market Strategist and Founder of Cultured Perspective, a black-owned revenue growth consultancy. We deep dive into the reasoning why nontraditional sales candidates are being overlooked, addressing the companies' and candidates' fears. Marcus talks about his growth revenue consultancy and how they use equity strategies and a diverse talent pool to set themselves and their clients apart from the crowd. He gives tactical strategies to manage big initiatives and expectations with a client, and describes what types of problems his consultancy helps resolve for businesses. Marcus also discusses strategies for creating a healthy workplace within his own life, his company, and his client’s companies. In addition to giving back to overlooked candidates, he and his son are Co-Founders of a clothing company, Kid Kulture, where he nurtures his son’s creativity while educating him on the business side too.