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Nov 30, 2020

Today, I invited Matt Davis, VP of Sales at Feedback Loop, to talk about the evolution of his company and his transition into a management role. Matt half-jokes that there should be a seller-to-manager detox period since great salespeople are driven by the control, money, flexibility, and freedom offered by the job, but as a manager, it is no longer about you but the members of your team. Once in the leadership role, Matt learned that an important step in becoming a good leader is gaining the trust of your team by being vulnerable and sharing your failures. Using experiences of his own, Matt walks me through what that looks like, where to find growth in mistakes and how he applied these lessons to his managing style. We also talk about his company trailblazing into what is now called agile research, and it’s response to COVID, taking the time to be introspective and prepare for the upcoming years. By the end of the interview, Matt reveals his best management methods, what he looks for when hiring, and even shares his favorite mobile app to help keep him organized.

Interest in working for Feedback Loop or chatting with Matt Davis?Check out the career page of for information on their available positions, and connect with Matt Davis by email,, or LinkedIn,

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