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Jan 23, 2023

My guest today is Casey Jacox, a sales & leadership coach who helps companies realize the power and impact that humility, vulnerability, and curiosity have on internal and external relationship building.

Casey also wrote a book about relationship building called "Win The Relationship; Not the Deal" where he shares six principles to win new and existing relationships.

He is also a proud father and husband and has his own podcast called The Quarterback Dad Cast, where he interviews guests to discuss topics at the intersection of what it means to be a dad at home and a leader at work. Casey is one of the most genuine, authentic, down to earth people you'll ever hear on this podcast, and I know you'll be inspired by his backstory. 

In todays episode we discuss:
- Life long habits, confidence building, and the early setback that has been the Rocket Fuel for his success in life
- How accountibility can be the driving force for new opportunities
- How curiousity can allow you to find and unlock your 'why'.
- The importance of a morning routine
- The power of owning your failures and fears
- How tonality can be the deciding factor in closing a deal

All that and more on this episode.