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Oct 26, 2020

My guest for this episode is Mike DiNucci, Chief Revenue Officer at Netradyne. Mike is a big believer in planning your career and taking ownership of it -- don’t wait for that tap on the shoulder, take the active role instead. Through various anecdotes, Mike reveals how this motivated mindset and his unstoppable drive help him reach his career goals. The key is to not only plan ahead but to make sure your intentions are known by your superiors. After elaborating on this method of "planning your promotion", Mike explains how he measures candidates by their energy, intellect, and the extent of their curiosity and empathy. Together, we explore each of these traits in depth, finding examples in Mike’s own experiences and further attributing these qualities to successful salespeople. Mike and I reluctantly wrap up this episode, having so much more to discuss, so keep an eye out for a part two with Mike DiNucci.

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