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Jan 9, 2023

My guest today is the Andre Riley, the CRO of iHire, a platform that uses innovative technology to connect industry-focused and career-minded candidates with employers across 57 talent communities.

Andre is a top-performing SaaS Revenue & Growth Leader with a proven track record of achieving hypergrowth revenue targets through aggressive sales and marketing initiatives that deliver market share and market penetration.

In todays episode we cover topics ranging from:

- Increasing brand recognition

-Making chages to the go-to-market motion

- How different channels can attract new prospects

- Executing assessment plans to have foresight into future decisions

- Organizational alignment in data, KPI’s, and executing targets

- How to determine price point for the market and the framework behind it

- How the right data will allow you to measure growth so you can plan accordingly

- Why key attributes of growth minded salespeople leads to successful sales teams

- Creating expansion opportunities within your customer base.